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Our Customers ... All adults are welcome, and no one is excluded based on identity or their preferences in consensual adult sexual behavior. We make every effort to meet customers where they are in the evolution of their own personal sexual development. We value and respect our customers' privacy. Every package is discreetly shipped and we never sell or rent your email address.  The law requires our in-store customers as well as our online customers to be 18 years of age or older.

How To ...Find out tips on techniques; communication, choosing the perfect toy.  Example:  "Use a Vibrator." Most women require direct clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm — and the powerful, consistent stimulation of a vibrator delivers like nothing else can. For those unfamiliar with the delicious… Let us know you want tips by signing up for our Newsletter!
Sex Tips ...Discover the tricks of the trade, passed on by our customers and our staff.  Example:  "A Wand Built for 2 (Two):  Bring the Magic Wand into your lovemaking. The Magic Wand is smooth and symmetrical, which makes it relatively comfortable to lie down on. Find a comfortable position by using a pillow to prop up the … Let us know you want tips by signing up for our Newsletter!
Adult Toys ... The truly amazing array of sex toy styles, sizes, and materials can be both inspiring and a little daunting. We want to help you discover the pleasure products that deliver toe curling orgasms, awaken new sexual experiences, or enhance sex with your partner. Finding the sex toy that works for you can be life changing. We are committed to helping you find the vibrator, dildo, BDSM, or anal pleasure toy for you. We also want to help you keep your sexy fun safe and slippery with a great selection of personal lubricants, and condoms.

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