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Blackout mask
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◦Masquerade and create the fantasy you've always dreamed of. ◦Golden handcuffs with soft inside lining for ultimate comfort ◦Gold lace masquerade mask ◦Silicone Kegel balls with security string and rolling weights inside ◦Luscious black feather tickler. ◦Ingredients: 25% polyurethane, 15% nickel free metal, 15% steel, 10% polyester, 10% PVC foam, 10% silicone, 5% acrylic, 5% chicken feather, 5% nylon ◦Each "Masquerade Party" Sexperiments kit contains: 1 pair of Golden Handcuffs, 1 Mask, 1 Tickle feather and Kegel balls with rolling weights inside.

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