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Sexperiments Bound and Determined


Blackout mask
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◦Fun Fun Fun. ◦Tickle and tease for as long as you please. ◦Complete your fantasy with this Sexperiments kit. ◦Tickle anywhere you want for as long as you want with the soft Pleasure Feather. ◦Bring plenty of lube for the behind the scenes fun with the Purple Anal Bead Butt plug and just to make things interesting - render your partner immobile and helpless with these four adjustable bondage cuffs and a sliding Hog Tie strap. ◦Once hog-tied, it's the ideal time to tickle your partner's feet, as there is nothing they can do to stop you. ◦Ingredients: Silicone, Polypropylene, Nickel Free Metal Hardware, Polyester, Rooster Feather, Velcro and Rubber ◦Includes: 4 Adjustable Bondage Cuffs, 1 Ergonomic Sliding Hog Tie Strap, 1 Pleasure Feather, 1 Purple Anal Bead Butt Plug

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